Christian Teachings Revisited

Christian Teachings Revisited

By Jun P. Espina | Last updated on March 10th, 2021 at 10:34 pm

From the Preface of the Book

CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS REVISITED 32 Christ-Uplifting Chapters for Both the Truth Seekers and the SkepticsIs the Cyberage colliding with real Christianity? “God,” said a well-educated old man, “is the author of our miseries because He allowed Satan to tempt Adam and Eve.” He learned it from the Internet, the devil’s number one deception and fake news platform. Heterodox sermons by the well-known but heretical Christian leaders are Satan’s easy picks to weaponize his persistent attacks on Christian fundamentalism. High-traffic sites and social media open doors to God’s enemy’s game plan. Wake up, Christ’s people. For we must defend our most precious faith. Demonic teachings didn’t spread so fast as wildfire until the Net came. This book, CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS REVISITED, seeks to strengthen the reader by pointing out, in the 32 chapters comprising this material, the gauge of scriptural doctrines which rolls around Christ’s honor, glory and praise. He loves the Ephesian Church, insinuated our Lord, because “you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.” (cf. Rev. 2:6) Do we desire Christ-uplifting messages for both the truth seekers and the skeptics?

For the Scripture seekers, these 32 biblical subjects may give them the ground and route for their spiritual compass in life. God’s faithful presence belongs to those seeking His face day and night. For,

“The Lord has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men To see if there are any who understand, Who seek after God.” (Psalm 14:2)

False and man-made teachings demonized and plagued the sound Christian credenda. Our turn is to vaccinate modernism in religion with the fundamental doctrines of ancient Christianity. It is the essence of Paul’s exhortation for us, believers, “not lose heart in doing good.” (Gal. 6:9) We must inoculate the Cyber-age Christians with the core disciplines of the old paths.

Wrote Timothy Keller that he encountered Christian teachers who had very different views about Christianity. One taught him the old-fashioned faith, and the other one, social justice, and some other issues in this life liberal theologians stressed. The question that went through his mind at age 14 was: “Which one of you is lying?” 1

Real Christianity quenches both our mental and spiritual thirst for truth. The apostle Paul said for “in Him you have been made complete.” (Col 2:10) The Internet has now become the largest haven of everything anti-Christian and anti-Bible. One question: Will the power of the Net in the hands of the devil turn off the light and power of biblical Christianity? Here is one from the Business Insider: “ISIS is taking full advantage of the darkest corners of the internet”? 2 Well, we need sound doctrines from the Word of God—the Book of Truth—which is the Sword of the Holy Spirit. We need to revisit often our old-fashioned and elemental teachings. As no one can deceive a well-informed man, so we must absorb them. (cf. Matt. 13:23) Most important of all is our personal and experiential knowledge of Christ our Lord. “Yea doubtless,” said the apostle Paul, “and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ.” (Phil. 3:8, KJV)

With or without the Internet, the devil continues to have an enormous problem. It is his perennial failure (for the past 2,000 years!) to wipe out doctrinal Christianity or at least make it irrelevant to the modern man.

I believe we can explain, defend and merge our Christian faith into our faith-life and abiding philosophies. Sure, we can help educate the Cyber-age Christians who are still infants in the Christian experience. The liberals—the so-called counterfeit and pseudo-Christians—based their belief system on human wisdom and Darwinism. Rejecting their deceitful teachings, I wrote: “Christian Teachings Revisited.” I write what I believe to be the truth—the age-old, biblical truth. “My own eyes,” wrote J. C. Ryle, “see the doctrine . . . in Scripture . . . I cannot give it up.” 3

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