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About the Author

By Jun P. Espina | Last updated on November 19th, 2019 at 02:02 pm

The author, Jun P. Espina, called himself a nonconformist while still in college for lack of locution of his guerrilla stand on what his friends labeled as the norm. He desired to finish his course, for example, but hated college pressure and the burden of attending class sessions with boring or terror professors. After his BA in political science, the word clueless best described his emptiness. He attended law school briefly, but was furious with the ill-bred and disrespectful nature of his so-called top-notch educators. Tired with his professors’ lectures and windbaggery, he wondered how could memorization law schools have trained most ungodly lawyers to be liars, rude and ill-mannered. Unhappy, he thought he desired something he didn’t know what for the moment. He worked as a college instructor and took a postgraduate degree as required. Then he became a born-again Christian and got married—changed his world from aimlessness to a meaningful sojourn for over three decades now. He is fulfilled and a happy old man.
jun p espina joyful edge christian teachings revisited ebook authorHe served as an independent church worker and preacher for around 14 years. Bible blogging and the writing of ebooks have become part of his commitment to serve Christ somehow these recent years. The Ebook, Real Peace at Home (free to download here), was his first paper published with the Amazon Kindle Books, followed by Pentecostalism, Its Theology, and the Charismatic Chaos Revisited, Christian Teachings Revisited (unpublished yet), and his latest book, Overcoming Adversities by the Power of God (unpublished yet).


The author is residing in Davao City, Philippines and can be reached through info@junespina.com. Jun P. Espina’s other website is www.ByThisVerse.Com.

Jun P. Espina
The author, (his real name is Romulo P. Espina, Jr.) was active in the Lord’s ministries for around 14 years as a church pastor; four years as a radio and local TV preacher. In the late 1980s, he left the academic community as a college instructor. Engaged in writing computer programs and Christian articles after retiring as a church worker, he is attending a Baptist Church in Davao City together with his wife and three children and his lazily growing number of grandchildren.