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By Jun P. Espina | Last updated on June 18th, 2021 at 08:39 pm

The author, Jun P. Espina, called himself a nonconformist while still in college for lack of locution of his guerrilla stand on what his friends labeled as the norm. He desired to finish his course, for example, but hated college pressure and the burden of attending class sessions with boring or terror professors. After his BA in political science, the word clueless best described his emptiness. He attended law school briefly but was furious with the ill-bred and disrespectful nature of his so-called top-notch educators. Tired with his professors’ lectures and windbaggery, he wondered how could memorization law schools have trained most ungodly lawyers to be liars, rude and ill-mannered. Unhappy, he thought he desired something he didn’t know what for the moment. He worked as a college instructor and took a postgraduate degree as required. Then he became a born-again Christian and got married—changed his world from aimlessness to a meaningful sojourn for over three decades now. He is fulfilled and a happy old man.

jun-p-espina-author-born-again-christs-versionHe served as an independent church worker and preacher for around 14 years. Bible blogging and the writing of ebooks have become part of his commitment to serve Christ somehow these recent years.

During the pandemic in 2020, He wrote a book on biblical salvation or second birth. He met few old people who claimed they were Christians but know nothing (or at least could not explain) about the born-again experience. The book’s title, BORN AGAIN CHRIST’S VERSION: Understanding the Biblical Born-Again Experience, reflects his disgust over those leaders who used to speak the loudest in the Christian assembly but are not born-again believers of Christ. The aim of the book is not just to examine the scriptural teaching on salvation which is only appreciated through the born-again experience. It also attempts to challenge the reader to receive Christ’s free forgiveness by faith. This book is available in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon KDP.

Over 20 years ago, a pastor told him that Pentecostalism is the path to a successful church organization. Challenged, he researched the topic and the result is the book, PENTECOSTALISM, ITS THEOLOGY, AND THE CHARISMATIC CHAOS REVISITED. He already published the second edition of this paper. As he reviewed it, he realized this paper’s value to preachers who are misinformed about speaking in tongues, praise and worship, and baptism of the Holy Spirit. This book is available in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon KDP.

One book he wrote that had led him to the dark world of the Globalists during his research is titled, THE BIBLICAL BLUEPRINT TO KEEP THE FAMILY: Saving the Family from Radical Leftism. He learned these super-rich bankers who ruled the world in shadow governments, who are also members of secret societies like the Illuminati, wanted to depopulate the world and abolish the family. They view humanity as mere human cattle. From this Luciferian view of the people created by God, you can connect the dots, from the invention of the harmful GMO to socialism, LGBTQ, abortion, divorce, transgenderism, gender dysphoria, chemtrails, the invention of maintenance drugs instead of curing diseases, and other matters targeting the human population and the abolition of the family. This book is available in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon KDP.

The author is not like other writers who have plenty of time to write. Writing is just a hobby for him as he has work to do for his livelihood. As he wrote the book, Christian Teachings Revisited, he got so bored of the project. Since he loves to write in his spare time, he wrote a new book instead. It is the story behind the paper, OVERCOMING ADVERSITIES BY THE POWER OF GOD: An Exposition on the Triumphant Existence of the Godly People as Outlined in the Holy Scriptures. He finished the book in 2017 but did not publish it since he lost fascination over the publication side of the material. In 2021, he decided to upload it to Amazon. He is planning to upload it also to other platforms. This book is available in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon KDP.

biblical-blueprint-keep-familyOf the five books he had written so far, he considered the book, CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS REVISITED: 32 Christ-Uplifting Chapters for Both the Truth-Seekers and the Skeptics, special for he started it with essays and commentaries he wrote by hand or with Wordstar, the application used before Windows. It is a compilation of everything he needed to write concerning Christian doctrines. After a discussion with a preacher or after a sermon, for example, he used to scribble his observations, what lesson he learned or opposed. Christian Teachings Revisited was a work in progress since 1984, when he first met our Lord Jesus and experienced the mystery of the second birth. For over 30 years, he wrote things related to doctrines until they became a 365-page book. If he had a book validating his humble understanding of Christianity in a nutshell, so to speak, it is it. This book is available in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon KDP.

The author lived in Davao City, Philippines, and we could reach him through rpespina@gmail.com. Jun P. Espina’s other website is www.ByThisVerse.Com.


About Jun P. Espina

Jun P. Espina loves nature, music, painting, and poetry but couldn’t find inner joy during his first 27 years of life. After his father’s death, he taught in college and met religious friends who couldn’t satisfy his search for meaning. In 1984, he got converted to the biblical Christian faith. He married his girlfriend, Virgie, the following year—God blessed them with three children—and served Christ as a believer in different spaces of the Christian ministry. After over 30 years of orthodox Christianity, he wrote few Christian eBooks in his home in Davao City. Sometimes his four little grandchildren played with their smartphones by his side.


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