We Need to Know More About the Born-Again Experience

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Updated on November 19th, 2022

As we age, we slow down naturally. Our physical decline helps us refocus. We don’t care anymore if we are important in the social media universe. We don’t care about our friends’ opinions. What we care about as we age is having a single day of health and vigor. This is the stage of life where we think about living longer, according to the gods. I wrote this book, “Born Again Christ’s Version,” to help the reader understand Christ’s teachings on gaining eternal life through faith in His promises. For me, we need to learn more about the born-again experience, which is the topic flooding the Internet.

BORN AGAIN CHRIST’S VERSION: Understanding the Born-Again Experience



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From the Book’s Introduction

born again christ's versionMOST PEOPLE DISMISS Christ’s message of our eternal life in heaven as it is too good a teaching to be true. Life after death is just beyond the radar of our earthly minds. People died, and no one returned to tell the story. It’s how negative we are about the Gospel. For even though Christ resurrected, we persist in rejecting His Word.

It is the core of this book: “Born Again Christ’s Version: Understanding the Biblical Born-Again Experience.”

The Born-Again Experience

Wrote Charles Ryle: You may know how Christ “lived, and how He suffered, and how He died. But unless you know the power of Christ’s cross by experience, — unless you know and feel within that the blood shed on that cross has washed away your own particular sins, — unless you are willing to confess that your salvation depends entirely on the work that Christ did upon the cross, — unless this be the case, Christ will profit you nothing. The mere knowing Christ’s name will never save you.”1

Thus, we need to know more about the born-again experience.

When someone tells you the path to longevity, you would love and follow him because you don’t want to die. The grave terrifies us. But when the Son of God condescended to redeem us from sin by His death on the cross, the Jews crucified Him because He offered to all immortal bliss in God’s city.

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Christ Requires It

Christ loves us and wants us to be with Him in heaven, but we crucified Him daily in our hearts by unbelief.

This book, Born Again Christ’s Version, presents the benefits of trusting and relying upon Christ’s promises related to the unknown realm after death. It deals with the second birth experience according to the Word of God, as it is our Lord’s method to live forever.

“Nicodemus, you must be born again to inherit God’s kingdom.” It was Christ’s message over 2000 years ago.

We also offer a positive clue for those genuine believers of Christ, not only for the infants in the faith but also for the mature ones. And for the unbelievers, this paper aims to help them see the validity of Christ’s promises given His resurrection from the dead.

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The Misconceptions of the Born-Again Experience

born-again-christs-versionChrist said we need to have a rebirth to live forever. He used the phrase “born again” to avoid the clutter of unnecessary doctrines on how to inherit eternal life. This paper intends to clarify further, by introducing a biblical survey of what is already as simple as two-word teaching.

We discuss here the misconceptions and the right view of the born-again experience.

May this little book help you in seeing the requirements of your entrance to heaven through the eye of the biblical second birth as required by Christ, our Lord.

Hi There! This book, “BORN AGAIN CHRIST’S VERSION: Understanding the Biblical Born-Again Experience,” is relevant and you may need it. I wrote this book with the enthusiasm of giving our readers a biblical worldview about life and how it works after death. If interested, press the link for eBook, and Paperback.

[1] J. C. Ryle, Old Paths (The Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh, U.K., First Published, 1878, Reprinted 2005), pp. 247-49.


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