Giving People the Instruction and Courage to Move Forward

Giving People the Instruction and Courage to Move Forward

By Jun P. Espina | Last updated on March 11th, 2021 at 09:18 am

Born Again – Ebook & Paperback

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Why Christ’s Version?

Understanding the Biblical Born-Again Experience
From the book’s Introduction: “MOST PEOPLE DISMISS Christ’s message of our eternal life in heaven as it is too good a teaching to be true. Life after death is just beyond the radar of our earthly minds. People died, and no one returned to tell the story. It’s how negative we are about the Gospel. For even though Christ resurrected, we persist in rejecting His Word.

“It is the core of this book: ‘Born Again Christ’s Version: Understanding the Biblical Born-Again Experience.‘” Free Download

Surveying Christianity

CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS REVISITED 32 Christ-Uplifting Chapters for Both the Truth Seekers and the Skeptics

Bring to Light Disputed Christian Teachings
From Christian Teachings Revisited. (Unpublished yet as eBook)

“This paper, Christian Teachings Revisited, intends to help strengthen the real Christians based on the apostle Paul’s admonition to “encourage one another and to build up one another.” (1 Thess. 5:11) We need to build up one another. The 32 Christ-uplifting chapters this volume contains deal with both the truth seekers and the skeptics. While it strengthens the believers, it also pursues to challenge the unbelievers; to examine their objections and rejection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Read More

Of moving forward

Overcoming Adversities by the Power of God

We Need to Face the World Like We Own It
From Overcoming Adversities by the Power of God. (Unpublished yet as eBook)

“Joy in sorrow” is a rooted principle in Scripture. Declared the apostle Paul: “Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake . . . . For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” (Col 1:24; 2 Tim. 1:7). It is difficult to swallow, but true: “I rejoice in my sufferings.” Both the believers and unbelievers of Christ suffer in this life; the difference is that Christ’s followers can rejoice in pain and adversity because God gave them a “spirit not of fear but of power.”
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Gathering . . .
We can move forward only by gathering the facts that stagnate our being and life journey. Transformation follows information.
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Writing . . .
Writing to those seekers of life’s real meaning is both a privilege and challenge given people’s appetite for fiction books and pie in the sky.
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Understanding . . .
We know all along the roots of our peace and happiness but we are just unwilling to trade our preconceived principles against ourselves.
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Real Peace

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The Missing Master Key of Marriage
From Real Peace at Home.

There is a master key that can open the vault of absolute delight in being a married person. Marriage in today’s culture is shallow in meaning. The holiness of it as an institution that God Himself had built is lost with His exclusion from most relationships. The gem of wedlock has vanished away its charm, like a peacock without its fanned tail. An experiment or “live-in” partnership has become the solution to many. But the outcome remains the same. Conjugality has rather become a closed door of joy that is without the key that can open up its wonders. Outside of this marital door of exuberance live miserable spouses who have been consoling themselves with the thought of one day having a divorce. They couldn’t open that door—they wanted to give up the wedded state to become free again. For they don’t have the key to open the closed road to their marital journey—they don’t have the key! Free at Amazon. Read More

The Charismatic Chaos

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We Need to Know More
From Pentecostalism, Its Theology & the CHARISMATIC CHAOS Revisited.

Reexamining the Scriptural Works of the Holy Spirit on Miracles, Speaking in Tongues, and Church Worship of Extreme Pentecostalism

THIS BOOK PRESENTS one Bible reality: The truth seekers who are also spiritual-minded always touch the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most Muslim converts we met on the YouTube, for example, struggled first with the truth of the Bible God and our dear Savior Jesus helped them through dreams and miracles even before meeting a Christian preacher or church for the first time. “Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face continually”—we find this exhortation in First Chronicles 16:11. We need to be seekers continually. My Facebook Timeline is populated with Christian FB Groups and a post or two regularly of a Pentecostal and Charismatic worship service that had gone wrong. Why the Charismatic chaos; why the counterfeit worship? Read More

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OVER 30 YEARS ago, I asked myself how to cure boredom, aimlessness, and the fear of the unknown such as losing a livelihood, family, or sound health. For three decades, almost all my acquaintances were careless about these issues—most of them didn’t even bother about the reality of our coming death. The thought of dying did not cross their minds for decades. I wrote books and created this website for the same purpose of giving the people the courage to move forward—the education to brave the unknown. Read More

“Depression (major depressive disorder),” according to American Psychiatric Association, “is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.” Christ’s promised light has helped many depressives to rebound and become positive about this life and the things to come. I have a book on “Nourishing the Christian Hope . . .” It contains Biblical meditations and messages for the soul searching the Book of Truth and God’s faithful presence in life. Read More

Real peace or happiness is temporary and illusive. It works like a stranger in this domain. I wrote “Real Peace at Home” based on my experience. It is about the essential principles for making marriage work. I also wrote “Overcoming Adversities by the Power of God.” This book digs the victorious living of most true Christians. Read More

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