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Written on July 17, 2023

I always find some Facebook posts dealing with someone’s trivial experience, even though no one cares in their social media universe. Is there anyone who cares how you brush your teeth? This is our topic. We cannot help but share our God if we believe in and experience Him deep within, just as we can only share what we know.

Long ago, I read a book about our propensity to share our beliefs. In Job 36:2, it says, “[T]here is yet more to be said in God’s behalf.” Religious sharing on social media, however, is like abstract painting. You don’t know who tells the truth. I saw a huge abstract painting about a city, according to its painter, but from my viewpoint as a lover of art, the brush strokes were more like turbulent waves. Someone said, for another example, that Christ got baptized by John the Baptist; therefore, He was a Baptist. This type of deception must not be allowed to twist the scriptural quality of our Bible knowledge.

Warren Wiersbe gave his last sermon before he left his church. After his message, an old woman approached him and said, “Mr. Wiersbe, I depended on you for my spiritual life.” Wiersbe replied, “From now on, depend on Christ.”

This is the lesson I learned. Never depend on your preacher (or Christian books) for your Christianity. He might preach his questionable theology instead of Christ. I’ve been reading Christian books for decades. But reading the Bible, meditation, and a prayer for the Spirit’s enlightenment make the difference. Ben Shapiro, a Jewish intellectual, posted this thought on his Facebook wall: “There is no such thing as ‘your truth.’ There is the truth and your opinion.”

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Jun P. Espina loves nature, music, painting, and poetry, but couldn’t find inner joy during his first 27 years of life. After his father’s death, he taught in college and met religious friends who couldn’t satisfy his search for meaning. In 1984, he was converted to the biblical Christian faith. He married his girlfriend, Virgie, the following year—God blessed them with three children—and served Christ as a believer in different spaces of the Christian ministry. After over 30 years of orthodox Christianity, he wrote a few Christian eBooks in his home in Davao City. Sometimes his four little grandchildren played with their smartphones by his side. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, or at

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