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Jun P. Espina         1 min read

Written on November 22, 2017

We welcome relevant and respectful comments. Off-topic comments may be rendered unprofessional and therefore, rejected. We uphold this commenting policy that is beneficial for both the reader and commenter. Rude, impolite, tasteless, filthy, and similar discussions or comments are completely dropped. It is standard practice in this website to publish only those comments agreeing with our Comment Policy.

About Jun P. Espina

Jun P. Espina loves nature, music, painting, and poetry, but couldn’t find inner joy during his first 27 years of life. After his father’s death, he taught in college and met religious friends who couldn’t satisfy his search for meaning. In 1984, he was converted to the biblical Christian faith. He married his girlfriend, Virgie, the following year—God blessed them with three children—and served Christ as a believer in different spaces of the Christian ministry. After over 30 years of orthodox Christianity, he wrote a few Christian eBooks in his home in Davao City. Sometimes his four little grandchildren played with their smartphones by his side. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, or at

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