By Jun P. Espina | Last updated on November 19th, 2019 at 06:10 pm

real peace at home FIVE CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES TO KEEP A HAPPY HOMEFREE DOWNLOAD AT AMAZON. THIS book contains Five Christian Principles to keep a happy home. These fundamental teachings have been applied already by thousands, if not millions, of successful families. You, too, may have them even now. I think the term “Christian” is the one element that has made this volume different from the others.

REAL PEACE AT HOME is a book that you want to be at your side when you feel that your family is beginning to break apart. But you should not do that. You cannot repair a sinking family by the mere reading of a particular book—even if that book is the Holy Bible. Apply what you’ve learned. Eat the pudding, so to say; don’t just behold and then admire it! Divorced people are more learned than most of us. It is not learning, after all, but living with the principles or teachings that you’ve learned. Make these concepts a Family Rule.

The Five Principles to Keep a Happy Home

The five principles in this material are common sense fundamentals that are viewed based on their Biblical context. They are:

  • 1) The divine origin of the marriage institution (we, therefore, don’t have the human authority—no such thing as the decision of the Supreme Court about same-sex marriage—to remake or break it);
  • 2) The Biblical understanding of the individual differences between spouses;
  • 3) The conviction about the children-centeredness of marriage as opposed to the biased-toward-divorce paradigm;
  • 4) The need for hard work to provide the family with a sufficient financial pipeline; and,
  • 5) The involvement of God in the family as a divinely-ordained institution.



The core of the above list of teachings is the first principle that ennobles the truth that marriage was an invention of God. This book wants to show that without the belief that the wedded state is sacred, then we cannot apply God’s solution to saving a rocky matrimony from separation. A marital rift is often oiled by the thought that legal breakup is on deck in case there is no solution in sight. By its very nature, divorce has become an option to complicate the love tsunami that it intends to calm down.


The man and the woman are two very different beings. God used the dust and Adam’s rib in creating both of them after an interval of time. Also, the purpose of the creation was contradistinctive. By nature, man is rational-minded, while the woman is more of an emotional make. Their differences are the dissimilarity of the male and female distinct natures.


The biblical paradigm that marriage is always children-centered. “Go… multiply… fill the earth.” God loves people. This principle teaches us never to abandon our children—never to love yourself more than your kids!


The issue of money is one field for the seed of divorce to germinate. Laziness is not an option for a married person. Lack of vision on how to meet the ever-expanding nature of the family’s needs may cause the relationship to break apart.


If marriage was God’s handiwork, then His involvement with the family is very reasonable. Constant prayer and submission to God, therefore, are the couple’s real strength when the storm of trials on their relationship seems tempestuous.